Running for Office

The mayor and council serve four-year, staggered terms in order to ensure that at no time is the council composed of a full panel of freshman members. Elected officials take office at the first organizational meeting in January following the election. Once elected, all council members must continue to live inside the city limits of Lilburn during their period of service and remain a registered voter.


In order to qualify for the position of mayor or council member, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Must reside inside the city limits of the City of Lilburn for at least one year as of the first Tuesday of November of the year for which you are qualifying
  • Must be registered to vote
  • Must state which post you are qualifying
  • Must pay the qualifying fee

Political Signs

All signs in the City of Lilburn must meet the minimum height and setback requirements of the Sign Ordinance.

  • Signs must be placed outside of the public right of way and no closer than 10 feet from the back of curb. Do not attach a sign to a utility pole or street marker.
  • Private property owners must grant prior permission.
  • It is a violation for anyone to remove legal signage without express permission of the owner(s).