Contact Boxes

Including Contact Information

Any page that has contact information should utilize the Info Advanced module to display a contact box in the feature column. Using this module helps users find contact information in a consistent place on all your pages.

This contact box should display the following information if possible:

  • Contact name(s) - The first thing listed should be the name and phone number of the person you would like citizens to contact first. A link to an email address or contact form is another great option to provide users. Note: You may not want this to be the same as the head of your department, etc.
  • Address - Citizens will often be looking for a physical location and sometimes a mailing address as well. Be sure to include both if possible. Linking to an online mapping service saves your users even more time!
  • Hours - Listing out days and hours of operation is key to ensuring citizens can use the other contact information you've provided.

View the contact box on the right for a detailed example of what this area should look like. If you have more than one staff member that you'd like to list contact information for, you may want to include a link in your contact box to the Staff Directory module and include that information there.