Chipper Request (Yard Debris Pick-up)

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The Public Works Department makes every effort to sweep the entire city every other week and will pick up visible debris piles left at the curb. The chipper’s route and time between pickups varies, depending upon the work load and season. If you have debris that has not been collected after two weeks, please submit a request here.

Pick-Up Requirements:
-The source of the debris must be the property where it is collected by the chipper. Do not bring debris from other locations.
-Logs, limbs, and shrubbery must be a minimum of 4 feet from the curb. Do not obstruct traffic and or storm drains.
-Tree logs must be less than 10 inches in diameter and less than 24 inches in length.
-Limbs must be a manageable length. If you can drag it to the street, we can chip it. Place trunk ends toward the street.
-No grass, straw, leaves, bamboo, dirt-encrusted stumps, or building materials will be accepted. These items must be collected by your sanitation provider.
-This service does not include clear cutting of land. Large parcels that have been cleared will require the homeowner to have a special pick up or container available for filling.
-Private or professional services are required to remove material they cut or trim.

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