Construction Projects

Look around!  Development activity abounds in the City of Lilburn! And not just in Old Town! Here is a list of upcoming, ongoing, and recently completed construction projects:



Main Street Townes at Lilburn under construction.

Commercial Projects (updated April 2022)

Recently Completed:

  • Blackbird Brewery - 4098 Lawrenceville Highway
  • McDonald's - 4133 Lawrenceville Highway
  • Berkmar High School - 405 Pleasant Hill Road
  • City Park Pavilion - 76 Main St., NW.
  • Gloss Car Wash - Lawrenceville Highway near Braden Dr.
  • Cole's (new use) - 4995 Lawrenceville Highway.
  • Monopole Cell Tower - 313 Luxomni Road.

Permitted/Under construction:

  • Kyros Church - 3997 Lawrenceville Highway.
  • Iglesia Pentecostal Puerta De Salvacion Church - 700 Indian Trail Road.
  • Los Hermanos Restaurant - 4774 Lawrenceville Highway. 

  • Submitted for review:
  • Luma Daycare - 5654 Lawrenceville Highway.  
  • Car Wash Redevelopment - 361 Killian Hill Road.
  • 440 Pleasant Hill Road - Restaurant suites.
  • Autorama East - 7306 Luxomni Road.

Residential (updated April 2022)

Under construction:

  • Old Town Lilburn Townhomes – 55 Townhomes, plus future commercial. 
  • Cottages at Noble Village – 68 age-restricted duplex units. 

  • Main Street Townes at Lilburn (formerly Township) – 80 Townhomes, plus commercial.

  • East Highlands (N. River Drive) – 148 single family residential.

  • Luxomni Point (Arcado Road at Cedar) - 47 Townhomes. 

  • Bryson Meadows – (5161 Glade Park Dr.). 83 townhomes. 

  • Townes at Greenleaf - (Greenwood Drive). 29 townhomes.

  • Parkview East (Arcado Rd. to Lilburn Stone Mtn. Rd) - 127 Single family residential lots.

  • Townes at Rockfern (Rockbridge Rd.) – 47 Townhomes.

  • The Preserve, Phase II - Townhomes and commercial building. 

  • Public Projects (updated April 2022)

  • Railroad Avenue Water Main Upsize: The City is partnering with Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources to upsize the water main under Railroad Avenue from 8 inches to 12 inches to accommodate future growth in the area. Please sign up to receive City Updates in the Alert Center for up-to-date information on this project.
  • Main Street Parking Lot Improvements: The City has made critical underground stormwater improvements under the parking lot on Main Street by the Agavero Bus. New lighting has been installed. As soon as the weather permits, the parking lot will be resurfaced. The parking lot and Agavero Bus remain open during the final phase of construction.
  • Calvin Fitchett Pavilion: A new open air pavilion is open in Lilburn City Park. The pavilion is located where the former City Hall/Police Headquarters facility was located in Old Town. Lichty Commercial Construction, Inc., was the construction contractor for this $1,040,000 project funded by the City's Capital Project Fund. The new facility features public restrooms with changing areas and storage and a green room in the basement for performers. pavilion
  • Splash Pad: The City opened a 40-foot splash pad beside the new pavilion in late Summer 2021. The splash pad features a heritage sculpture, 12 arch jets, and 6 LED jumping stream jets circulating 100 gallons of recycled water per minute. The splash pad will open for the 2022 season on Memorial Day and close after Lilburn Daze in the Fall. Days and hours of operation will be posted on the City's website in April 2022.Splash pad_Bucket Brigade
  • Lilburn City Park Improvements: The new playground opened in 2019 at Lilburn City Park! The playground includes separate areas for younger and older children, brand new equipment, and a softer playing surface. Multiple ground level activities and a padded artificial playground grass provide for improved accessibility. The playground features several multi-purpose walls that provide a visible and physical perimeter and can be used for seating. A new parking lot, restroom building, small pavilion, and stroller parking pad were also recently added to the park. Soon guests will be able to enjoy a new open air pavilion near the band shell, a splash pad, and a new passive park area near the Gartrell Nash Pavilion. Landscape installation in the park area will be phased in over time.Park landscape plan
  • Police and Municipal Court Facility: The new Lilburn Police Department and Municipal Court Complex opened in March 2020. The new 27,000 sq. ft. building is located at 4600 Lawrenceville Highway.City of Lilburn Police Department and Municipal Court
  • HAWK Pedestrian Signal: Installation is complete for a new High-intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) system on Killian Hill Road near Shelley Lane. The HAWK system is a traffic control device that provides pedestrians a safer crossing. Pedestrians activate the signal to cross, so it only stops vehicular traffic as needed. The HAWK pedestrian signal is a jointly funded SPLOST project with Gwinnett County.
  • Wynne-Russell Road Improvements: The City of Lilburn received a $600,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to install new sidewalks and street lights along Wynne-Russell Road from Lawrenceville Highway to West Johns Road, and down a portion of West Johns Road. The project was completed in June 2021.

Commercial Projects (updated June 2021)

Recently Completed:

  • Blackbird Brewery - 4098 Lawrenceville Highway

Permitted/Under construction:

  • Berkmar High School - new theater building, renovations, parking underway.
  • Express Car Wash - US 29 near Braden Drive - building construction underway.
  • Convenience Store - 4995 Lawrenceville Highway - interior demolition underway.
  • McDonalds - interior renovation with new sign underway.

Submitted for review:

  • Car Wash Redevelopment– 361 Killian Hill – comments provided 4/22. Project on hold. 
  • 440 Pleasant Hill - new restaurant suites (Ste 115, Ste 114). Comments provided.
  • Autorama East - 306 Luxomni - expansion of auto sales with three retail tenants - comments provided.
  • Los Hermanos - 4774 Lawrenceville Highway - demolition work complete and comments provided.
  • Luma Daycare - 5654 Lawrenceville Highway - new 11,000 sf daycare, specializing in special needs. Comments provided. 

Residential (updated June 2021)

Recently Completed:

  • Townswalk (MU) - nine single-family detached homes, mid-300's, 1 acre. All are complete with eight sold.

Under construction:

  • Old Town Townhomes – 55 Townhomes, + future commercial. 5.7 acres - 2 bldgs/9 units complete. Final plat recorded. New owners anticipate high $300’s. 3 more bldgs permitted, 7 units under construction.
  • Cottages at Noble Village – 68 age restricted duplex units. 8.5 ac.
    28+ units and clubhouse complete (TCO) and plat recorded. Phase II plans submitted for review.

  • Main Street Townes at Lilburn (formerly Township) – 80 Townhomes + future 15K sf commercial 7.8 ac. Stanley Martin Homes. Phase 1 (residential) site development underway. AT&T easements pending. Plat comments provided.

  • East Highlands (N. River Drive) – 148 Single Family residential, Lennar Homes, mid - high $300’s. 46.5 ac. Final inspections underway.

  • Luxomni Point (R-2 Arcado @ Cedar) - 47 Townhomes, low $300's, Taylor Morrison Homes. 5.2 ac. - 7 buildings complete. All buildings are under construction with expected completion in August 2021.

  • Bryson Meadows – Phase I 8 ac. - 83 Townhomes Meritage Homes, low $300’s. Nine of 14 buildings are permitted with expected close out in September 2021.

  • Townes at Rockbridge: Site development plan is under review. Concept plan includes 47 townhomes on 7.2 acres.

  • Parkview East (R-1 –Arcado Rd to Lilburn Stone Mtn. Rd) - 127 Single family residential lots, 36+ acres. Meritage Homes Mid $300s. Eight model homes are under contract. Site development is ongoing. Phase I platted with recreation area and mail kiosk. Pool/cabana permit in review process. 

  • Townes at Greenleaf (R-2 Greenwood) – 29 Townhomes + 4 Single Family Residential. 3.8 ac. Richardson Homes. Site development underway. Storm pond and sewer installed. Four single-family residential homes have been permitted. Duplex and building elevations are in review.

  • Townes at Rockfern (R-2 Rockbridge Rd new name) – 47 Townhomes on 7.2 ac.
    Richardson Homes. Site development underway.

  • The Preserve, Phase II - 4.62 acres, concept pre-approved and demolition complete. Site development plan has been issued, and building elevations are in review. Phase III is under contract.